Oral Surgery in Land O’ Lakes, FL

If you’re dealing with pain or other discomforts from damaged or misaligned teeth or gum issues, your dentist might recommend that you have oral surgery. Mai Dentistry provides a wide array of surgical services to patients in the Land O’Lakes, FL area. Our dedicated staff goes over different options with patients to help them decide on having services tailored to treat a patient’s dental issues and needs.

What Is Oral Surgery?

Any surgery performed within the mouth cavity falls under oral surgery. Some services, like tooth extraction, are often performed by a general dentist. However, for more complex procedures, your dentist might refer you to an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. They specialize in performing oral, facial, and jaw surgery.

Procedures that fall under the umbrella of oral surgery include:

  • Dental implants
  • Bone grafting
  • Gum tissue augmentation
  • Certain root canal procedures like apicoectomy

Why Get Oral Surgery?

Why Should I Get Oral Surgery?

Oral surgery may become necessary if you’re dealing with a condition like severe dental decay rendering a tooth being unrestorable or impacted wisdom teeth. Mai dentistry can provide you with oral surgery services that offer you a permanent solution for issues like broken teeth or gum issues. Other reasons why you might need the services of an oral surgeon include:

  • Problems with facial pain or TMJ
  • Having jaw alignment issues
  • Needing reconstructive surgery after an injury
  • Dealing with cancer in the jaw, face, or neck
  • Issues with obstructive sleep apnea

Land O Lakes, FL Oral Surgery

How Does Oral Surgery Work?

How Does Oral Surgery Work?

The process starts by making an appointment with Mai Dentistry for an evaluation. Our dentist reviews your dental history and may take x-rays that provide them with more clarity around your dental issues. Once they decide on the best course of action, we will either treat you in the office or refer you to an oral surgeon capable of providing you with the services necessary to address your oral health. The oral surgeon and Mai Dentistry coordinate your care. That way, they have any necessary information from your medical and dental history to guide them in establishing your treatment plan. By staying involved every step of the way, Mai Dentistry ensures that its patients receive the best care possible.

Oral Surgery Land O Lakes, FL

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