Welcome to Mai Dentistry’s comprehensive dental services – where your smile finds exceptional care and comfort.

At Mai Dentistry, we’re committed to bringing you a brighter, healthier smile that radiates warmth and confidence. Our experienced team of dental professionals in Land O’ Lakes takes pride in delivering a wide range of dental services tailored to meet your unique needs. From routine check-ups and cleanings to advanced restorative and cosmetic procedures, we’re here to make your dental experience pleasant and stress-free. Explore our comprehensive services below, and let us be your trusted partners on the journey to optimal oral health and a beaming smile.


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Here are a few of the ways our team can help you achieve your ideal smile:

Dental Emergencies

To help you when you most need us, we can provide prompt, easy and convenient scheduling for your emergency care.

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Dental Cleaning and Examinations

The key to healthy teeth and gums is a regular schedule of cleanings, exams and evaluations by our highly skilled dentists. Preventive care will reduce the chances you’ll need more serious treatment in the future. A twice yearly cleaning and exam schedule is always recommended to help you look and feel your best.

(Please note: If this is your first appointment with Mai Dentistry, we will be happy to provide your initial exam and consultation free-of-charge.)

Smile Makeover

We know that when you look better, you’ll feel better and enjoy life more. The beautifully healthy smile you’ve always wanted is within reach and we know how to get you there.

Tell us your dental transformation dream and we’ll work with you to build a plan to help you attain it. Remember, your smile is our style!

Teeth Whitening

When you work to provide the top technology solutions in the industry as we do, you have many options for whitening your teeth.   Mai Dentistry can offer a wide range of bleaching techniques.  Be sure to ask your doctor for recommendations. 

Extractions and Oral Surgery

When surgery is required, a personalized outpatient procedure – made more comfortable by use of local, nitrous oxide, oral or intravenous anesthesia – will help you achieve the easiest, most pleasant and healthiest results.

You can feel confident in the highly skilled dentists at Mai Dentistry who bring many years of successful extractions and oral surgery to their work. Science, experience and skilled artistry always make these procedures more comfortable, and the plan your doctor will design for you maximizes the experience.

Dental Crowns and Dental Bridges

The doctors at Mai Dentistry have cutting-edge technology and many years of experience at their fingertips to help restore your smile with dental crowns, whether due to damaged teeth, post-root canal surgery or missing teeth.

Dental Restorations

Our experienced doctors can successfully restore teeth that have been damaged by decay or accidents. Capitalizing on deep experience and skill, our team can restore your teeth utilizing dental implants, veneers, crowns, fillings and bridges.


Sometimes to achieve the beautiful smile you dream of, you may need to have our doctors work with you to straighten your teeth. The most convenient and least intrusive way to do this is through Invisalign. It will help you achieve your new smile quicker and more comfortably while allowing you to remove the trays while you eat and brush your teeth. Ask your doctor for details.

Dental Veneers and Dental Laminates

Another key technique to help you find your best smile involves the use of dental veneers and laminates. This is a process where the doctor places thin shells on the exterior of your teeth to mask flaws, stains or gaps. Be sure to ask if this might be right for you.

Industry-Leading Science

Building on the safe and gentle care our doctors provide every patient, technological advances are the foundation of Mai Dentistry’s care. Deep knowledge of recent scientific advancements give our doctors an edge in providing comfortable and successful solutions for each patient. Sometimes that means a simpler solution. At other times, it helps your doctor find a more advanced solution to a meet the needs of a more complex challenge. At all times it means your doctor will find a better solution to meet your unique dental needs. Mai Dentistry offers several technologies including digital x-rays for detailed treatment diagnosis without significant radiation; digital imaging to design your dream smile; Cone Beam 3D-Imaging to direct a perfect implant placement; and laser surgical techniques for gums.

Safe and Gentle Patient Care is Always Our Focus

Our approach with each and every patient is to create a caring, tailored treatment that meets our objectives of comfort, safety, personalization and oral health while helping them find their most beautiful smile. When necessary, patients benefit from our expertise in conscious sedation to make their experience as comfortable as possible.  This can include intravenous, oral and nitrous oxide modalities. 

Look your best. Feel like a million dollars.

We welcome new patients and are always excited to see our continuing patients. We truly love to help you maintain your healthy teeth. Call us today to schedule your evaluation.

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