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We understand that the mere thought of a tooth extraction can evoke reservations. At Mai Dentistry, we strive tirelessly to preserve your natural teeth whenever possible. But in situations where an extraction is necessary, rest assured that we are dedicated to ensuring your utmost comfort throughout the process.

When Might a Tooth Extraction Be Needed?

There are various reasons why individuals may require a tooth extraction, including:

  • Excessive Crowding: When your teeth are too tightly packed.
  • Gum Disease: In cases where gum disease has led to bone loss.
  • Wisdom Teeth: Extraction may be needed for impacted wisdom teeth.
  • Root Canal Complications: When a root canal doesn’t succeed.
  • Orthodontic or Cosmetic Preparation: Sometimes, extractions are necessary before braces or cosmetic procedures.
  • Tooth Decay: In advanced cases of tooth decay.
  • Fractured Tooth/Roots: When a tooth or its roots are damaged.

How Does a Tooth Extraction Procedure Unfold?

If the tooth is positioned above the gum line with a solid structure, a simple extraction may suffice. Typically, the dentist administers a local anesthetic to numb the area before gently removing the tooth using hand instruments.

In specific cases, such as preparing for restorative procedures like bridges or implants, a dentist may suggest a bone graft to maintain healthy jawbone levels.

For impacted wisdom teeth, a more intricate surgical procedure might be necessary, often requiring general or intravenous anesthesia to ensure your comfort throughout.

What Follows After a Tooth Extraction?

Following the procedure, our Mai Dentistry team ensures your well-being and provides post-surgical guidance for your healing mouth. By adhering to these instructions, you can minimize complications and promote a smooth recovery.

If you received a local anesthetic, expect some numbness for a few hours post-extraction. However, you should be back to your regular routine by the next day. Over the course of a few weeks, the gap left by the extracted tooth will gradually close.

Addressing Your Concerns

We understand that dental procedures can bring about nervousness. Feel free to discuss your reservations with our attentive staff, who will gladly walk you through the extraction process to put your mind at ease. We also offer various sedation options to enhance your comfort if needed.

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